How to Accurately Estimate Fencing Costs

Fencing costs can vary greatly. The material you choose will make an impact on your budget, but it’s important to take all cost-driving factors into account beforehand so you don’t get an unwelcome surprise when you see the final bill.

Consider the factors below to more precisely estimate total fencing costs.

How to Accurately Estimate Fencing Costs

Assess the Property

The length of the fence will heavily dictate cost, but the type of land it’s going on matters too. Are you fencing on a steep slope? You’ll need extra support, and the labor will be more intensive and specialized. Always consider grading when assessing fence style, design, and yes, cost.

Determine Height

How high would you like your fence to be? Most municipalities limit fencing height, even if you aren’t governed by a homeowners association. It’s critical to check fencing regulations before you get excited about your high privacy fence. Make sure it falls within the legal limits.

And if you’d like to save money and aren’t as concerned about privacy, a lower fence is cheaper.

Choose Your Material

While chain link is the cheapest fence material, decorative iron is probably one of the most expensive. There is a wide range of budgets that fits in between, but vinyl and wood are two common choices. They are both cost-effective and affordable, and they both last.

Wood is a little bit cheaper in some cases, but you’ll have to seal or paint it regularly. With vinyl, you only need to spray it down with a hose and it stays bright and beautiful for a long time.

Labor Costs vs. DIY

One of the biggest cost-driving factors when installing a fence is labor. You will save a bundle by fencing your property on your own, but it’s not the easiest job.

Labor costs are typically determined by foot. The contractor will quote you a price per linear foot, which will depend in part on the material you would like to use. If you can manage to handle the installation on your own, this could be one of the top ways to lower fencing costs.

Factor in Permit Prices

Some towns and cities require you to obtain a permit before you begin building, and this usually involves a fee. Check with your building office to find out the specifics.

At Utah Fence Warehouse, we help homeowners figure out how much they’ll spend on fencing costs with our free online analysis tool. It’s the fastest way to get an accurate picture of what to expect.