Common Fencing Regulations 

Know your local fencing regulations before you plan your installation. It’s better to find out in advance what rules and laws govern the scope of your project, rather than having to change your plans after you’ve bought all your materials.

Common Fencing Regulations

It’s important to abide by fencing regulations of your state and city or town, otherwise you may have to remove your fence. Before you start building, review the guidelines below that cover many of the common fencing regulations.

Building Permits

Expect that you will have to get building permits for the fences you plan to construct. You will have to go to the local building office, submit your plans and pay a fee for a permit before you begin work. If the fence is over a certain height, you may have to submit construction plans or blueprints. Call your local building office to find out more.

Height Restrictions

For the most part, you will be restricted to a height of 4 feet for fences placed in your front yard. If the yard is close to the street or an intersection, the restrictions might be 3 feet. In addition, side and corner yards will likely have a 6-foot maximum.

Since every city, town and homeowners association (HOA) is different, make sure you look up the rules online or call the office to get the most current regulations.

Barbed and Razor Wire Regulations

Barbed and razor wire fences have additional restrictions. Most residences will not be allowed to use this type of fencing, but there are some exceptions. When these fences are cleared for approval for commercial purposes, you will have to follow height restrictions.

Fence Color

Cities and towns probably won’t regulate your fencing style, but your HOA might. Some organizations do not allow homeowners to construct fences that do not fit with the neighborhood’s theme. For instance, a wood fence might not be permitted if all other homes are required to use white vinyl fencing. Your HOA bylaws will clearly state any fencing regulations you should know.

We Can Help

At Utah Fence Warehouse, we’ve been helping home and business owners find the right materials for their fences for years. As such, we’re extremely familiar with many of the common fencing regulations you will run into over the course of your project. You will do better with a fencing expert on your side. Come to Utah Fence Warehouse and check out the wide range of materials we have to fit any project big or small.