Does Utah Fence Warehouse have a showroom?

Yes – we have a fully staffed and furnished showroom displaying all of our vinyl and iron
colors and styles for you to view located at 1377 North Main St. Layton, UT 84041. We
are open from 8 A.M. – 6 P.M. Monday – Friday and from 8 A.M. – 1 P.M. on Saturdays.

Should I notify the neighbors that a fence is being installed / replaced?

Yes – Your neighbors will need to make arrangements concerning their pets. They may
also want to secure their backyard or remove items off an existing fence. They may want
to help with the purchase of a new fence.

Does Utah Fence Warehouse locate and install fence on the property line?

No – It is the homeowners responsibility to meet with their neighbors and locate
property lines as well as decide if the fence should be placed on either side or down the
middle of the property line. If homeowners do not know or cannot agree upon where
to install fence we would then recommend hiring a surveyor to locate property lines.
(typical cost of surveyor ranges between $800 – $1500)

Is a fence permit or HOA (Home Owners Association) approval necessary before
installing a fence in my yard?

Sometimes – You will need to check with your local municipality and HOA to determine
what height and style of fence is restricted based on your location. Our experienced
Design Consultants are familiar with most local codes and are happy to discuss concerns
with you however it is the homeowners responsibility to read and comply with your
local ordinances.

Does Utah Fence Warehouse locate underground utilities?

Yes – We will always call Bluestakes of Utah and have all local utilities marked for your
project prior to beginning work. Bluestakes however does not locate sprinkler systems
or underground wiring to most sheds.

Will my new fence come with a written warranty?

Yes – Utah Fence Warehouse will mail out all related warranties once final payment has
been received. (10 Year Labor) (up to Lifetime Material)

What are the basic fence materials used by Utah Fence Warehouse?

We are experts in vinyl fence, wood fence, chain link fence, wrought iron fence, ornamental
fence, privacy fence, and semi-private fencing.

What tools will I need to install my new fence?

Utah Fence Warehouse will provide you with a free rental for pre marked tape
measures, templates for proper spacing, trailer for hauling products home, and a table
saw to make precise cuts for a proper finish. You will also need to rent or acquire a post
hole digger, paint or stakes (to mark where to dig), string lines, and screw gun / drill.

Do you require a deposit and what forms of payments are accepted?

Yes – Utah Fence Warehouse typically requires a 50% deposit before any work can
begin. We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, Cash, and Checks we also have financing
available OAC. Be careful of any company asking for 75% or more down before they
begin work and we recommend never paying in full for any project prior to installation.

Can lawn edging and trimming equipment ( weed-eaters) damage my new fence?

Yes – Trimmers not used with care can damage wood or vinyl fence posts, chain link
and iron fence posts are typically unaffected. You can prevent accidental damage by
having a concrete mowstrip installed during fence installation or by installing a rubber
mowstrip / post protector during or after installation. Both products are available from
Utah Fence Warehouse.