Choosing a Fence Material: Your Checklist for Success

The best fence material for your home is out there, you just have to find it.

You’ve browsed online, you’ve shopped fencing material stores, you’ve looked at pictures of what your house could look like with the right fence, but it might be hard to decide.

Which fence material should you choose and why? It comes down to one key factor: your priorities.

What’s Your Top Priority?

When you first started thinking about building a fence, you probably had a desired outcome in mind.

“Finally, the neighbor’s dog will stay out of my yard!” or, “Maybe I can get some privacy for once!”

After you decide why you want a fence, you’ll have to consider what materials will best fit your objective. You might want privacy, but do you want to also have to re-stain your fence every year? You may want security, but you might not want to marry one fence color for life.

Choosing a Fence Material

What are your options?

1. Customization

If you don’t love the look of your property, you might be thinking of adding a fence to enhance your home’s appearance and to boost your curb appeal.

When this is your goal, you probably want maximum control over the look, so opt for wood. You can stain it or paint it any shade you’d like. And you can change your mind and re-do it whenever you want. When customization is the name of the game, wood is right for you!

2. Longevity

If you aren’t interested in performing annual maintenance and you don’t want to re-sand and repaint, you want a fence material that lasts nearly forever.

When you’re looking for longevity, look no further than vinyl fencing. It’s one of the most durable options around. No rot, no bugs, no rust — just a clean look that is proven not to fade for decades.

3. DIY

If you don’t care what type of fence material you end up with, as long as you can install and repair it yourself, you are probably a hard-working do-it-yourself handy homeowner.

When you want to take on a fencing project without assistance, stick with chain link as your go-to. It’s easy to install and keep up over the years.

4. Security

Metal security fences are nearly impenetrable to outsiders. Steel and wrought iron are the most durable materials, and as an added bonus, they look classy too.

When your main goal is to increase the security of your property, this is your best option!

Utah Fence Warehouse helps match you to the right fence material. It’s one of the most important steps in the process, and we are here to provide advice and assistance along the way. Come in today or call — we’re ready to help you find the ideal fence for your property.