When Is it Time to Build a Fence?

Fences serve a variety of purposes that are aesthetic, practical and safety-oriented. It’s probably time to build a fence around your property if you identify with any of the following concerns.

When Is it Time to Build a Fence

A Fence Keeps Children & Pets Safe

If you have young children or pets, installing a fence will help create a safety barrier between them and the outside world. Especially if you live close to a road or if your home is in a congested area, you don’t want to deal with the anxiety of having to watch for cars.

Fences create peace of mind. With a fence, you can let the kids play in a safe, confined space without worrying about them wandering off and getting hurt. Your pets can roam the yard leash-free, and you won’t have to stress about them running into the road.

What style fence would work best for you? Low picket fences safely keep in small children and puppies, and tall privacy fences are the best option for bigger dogs.

If You Have a Pool

Fences are legally required if you have a swimming pool. Check your local city or residential codes for specific requirements. Most codes require installing fences that are 4 feet tall or higher with a self-closing gate. Fences must surround the pool and obstruct outside access to it.

With a fence, you’ll feel more secure knowing that when summer hits, your friends, family and neighbors’ kids are safe from water-related accidents.

Ornamental aluminum, wood, and vinyl fences are some of the most popular choices for building around pools. They are pretty and offer a bit of privacy, too.

When You Need Privacy

Homeowners often install fences for privacy. A fence is the solution if you feel too exposed, whether you spend most of your time inside your home and want an added bit of quiet, or if you enjoy being out back or in the front yard but prefer a private retreat.

Fences create cozy, contained atmospheres and take care of any issues caused by nosy neighbors. For optimum privacy, select a tall wood or vinyl fence.

For Security

Fences are great solutions to safety concerns. Do you live in an area where break-ins or other types of crime are common? Or if you live in a safe neighborhood, do you worry about a random, unexpected burglary? Building a fence will help deter any unwanted attention and break-ins.

They Increase in Curb Appeal

Homes featuring stylish fences have more welcoming façades, increasing property values. If the fence is in good condition with decorative posts and ornaments, accented by rows of flowers, the overall result will be a complete look showcasing a distinct personality and style.

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