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Should You Install a Security Fence Gate Lock?

The central purpose of a security fence is evident in its name: It’s supposed to keep your property safe from potential threats. What good is a strong, sturdy security fence without a durable lock?

If your investment is going to pay off, you need to make sure nobody can get inside your property line unless you allow them, and that means spending the time and money to ensure the security fence entry points are closed and locked at all times.

security fence gate lock

Look for Self-Closing Mechanisms

Make sure your fence gate isn’t going to swing open haphazardly. Your back yard is more vulnerable when the gate is open and unlocked. Get a gate-locking mechanism that self-closes, ensuring you won’t accidentally and unknowingly leave your property exposed.

Don’t Make it Easy for Intruders

You should also make sure the security lock on the fence gate is foolproof. If an intruder can easily reach through the fence, they can probably figure out how to get the lock open. Reduce the chances of this happening by finding a gate lock that’s tamper-proof.

Protect Your Property

Another great reason to always lock your fence gate is to keep outsiders from sneaking in to use your pool, hot tub or trampoline. Not only is this dangerous, but you may still be liable for any accidents that happen on your property, whether you’re aware of the situation or not.

Keep Pets in and Animals Out

A determined pup can potentially figure out how to jiggle open a weak security fence lock. Part of the reason you installed your fence was to prevent your dog from roaming the neighborhood! Invest in a quality locking system that even the smartest animal can’t figure out.

You also want to keep out strays, your neighbor’s dogs and wild animals. A weak fence lock (or an unlocked gate) is an open invitation to wandering animals. Don’t leave your yard vulnerable.

Meet Insurance Requirements

In some cases, your homeowners insurance may require you to install a strong security fence lock, especially if you own any structures that have the potential to cause significant injury, such as a zip line or a pool. You will keep your policy coverage intact and your premiums down if you comply with your insurance company’s instructions on the proper locking system for your situation.

What Do You Need?

Utah Fence Warehouse offers a variety of fencing supplies, including security fence locks that are tough and long lasting. Get the home security and the peace of mind you need when you shop our varied selection of options. Call or visit our showroom today!

Ornamental Aluminum Fencing: It’s Good for Both Home and Business

Ornamental aluminum fencing looks great at home and in front of your business. It’s classy, sophisticated and above all else, it’s practical. What a winning combination!

You may believe one major falsehood about fences: looking good is the top priority. While curb appeal is one of the most important features of a fence, it’s more about functionality. But with ornamental aluminum fencing, you don’t have to make a choice between the two. You get both.

ornamental aluminum fence

Beauty and Strength

Ornamental aluminum fences are elegant and visually appealing. The decorative designs can be specifically crafted to fit your home’s style. It blends in seamlessly with the elements in your back yard, adding another dimension of detail to the landscape. No other fencing material options compare.

While the beauty of this fencing material type is likely the central reason you’re considering it for your home or business, the feature you might not expect is the fence’s unbeatable strength.

You might associate toughness with wrought iron, but you may be surprised to learn aluminum is crafted with the same sturdiness. And since aluminum is easier to work with, you have the flexibility to order a more intricate fence design, but still get the secure ruggedness you’d expect from a tougher metal.

Durability Is Unmatched

Unlike wrought iron, ornamental aluminum fencing is rust-resistant. You can confidently install it and expect it to last for years, even through countless Utah snow and rain storms. It stands up to the elements and retains its beauty over time. It’s a smart, safe investment.

Low Maintenance Makes You Happy

There’s almost no maintenance required when you install an aluminum fence. It’s one of the easiest materials to care for because of its long-term durability, and that’s why it’s easy for Utah Fence Warehouse to offer a lifetime warranty on our ornamental aluminum fences.

Once your fence is in place, there’s no staining, cleaning or scrubbing required to keep it looking good — you’re all set.

Enjoy Classic Luxury — Visit Utah Fence Warehouse Today

Your aluminum fence will provide security while still allowing people to see the beauty of your home and landscape. It will offer protection for pets and children. You can use it to grow vines and plants. You can choose from a vast selection of styles, colors and finishes. It provides a classic, luxurious addition to your home or business, without the ongoing annual hassle of sealing, pressure-washing and painting.

We offer free estimates for all fencing project. We even provide installation tools for your use if you’d like to tackle the job yourself! Contact Utah Fence Warehouse today when you’re considering ornamental aluminum fencing and learn more.

Choosing the Right Fence Gate Is Important

A fence gate enhances your property’s security while providing you an easy access point in and out of your yard. After choosing your fencing materials, selecting the gate location and type are the next steps in finalizing the plans for your new fencing project.

fence gate Utah

What should you look for in a fence gate?

Keep Loved Ones in, Intruders Out

Think about why you need a secure fence gate. Your first reason is likely to keep your children or pets safe. Mischievous kids and curious pets have an unrelenting desire to see what’s outside the fence that’s keeping them contained. You need a door with a lock that’s out of their reach and difficult for a child or a smart puppy to operate.

You also likely want to protect your property from intruders. If a fence gate can be easily operated from the outside, anyone can gain entry to your yard. If it isn’t secure, anyone can open the latch and get in. A product that locks firmly from the inside guards against this threat.

3 Options for Fence Gates

You can narrow down the selections by deciding on your preference for how you want your gate to function.

    • Swing gate: The type that swing open are the most common. The only question is: In which direction would you like it to swing? Would you like one panel to open, or would you prefer double-wide panels in the center?
    • Cantilever slide gate: A swing gate isn’t always the most realistic option for a fence, such one located on a steep hill that would interfere with its trajectory. This is when sliding gates are convenient. A cantilever slide gate is a free-floating gate that operates on a counterbalance system held above the ground.
    • Rolling slide gate: The rolling slide gate is slightly different. It rests on tracks that are embedded in the ground. Rolling gates are a great option when you have limited space, but beware: Snow and ice buildup can interfere with its smooth operation in wintertime.

    Hardware and Materials Must Be Sturdy

    No matter what type of fence gate you decide on, the quality of the hardware, fencing materials and workmanship must be superior in order to create a long-lasting opening system.

    If you’re planning on installing your fence gate yourself, depend on Utah Fence Warehouse for all of the supplies you need. We also provide professional fence installation services if you’d rather our expert team take care of the task. Call or visit us today to learn more.

Spring Is the Best Season for Fence Repairs

It’s that time of year again — time to gear up for fence repairs. In a perfect world, no fences would ever break and you could spend your weekends simply relaxing and enjoying your perfectly landscaped yard.


But for now, those weekends will have to wait. Grooming your yard for summertime takes hard work and sweat, and that includes making fence repairs.


Winter Wreaks Havoc on Fences

You don’t live in a warm climate — you live in Utah. The winters aren’t as kind as they are in other, southern areas of the country. From strong winds to falling tree branches, it’s highly likely that your fence sustained some seasonal damage over the past six months.

Working Outside Is a Breeze — Literally

Spring is yardwork season. After being cooped up all winter, it’s good to finally get outside and breathe the fresh, spring air. Also, it’s hard to look at your yard covered in leaves and debris. It stands to reason that you feel the same way about your fence.

Your Fence Must Hold Up All Summer

Think about all the reasons you built a fence in the first place. You wanted to keep your small children safe. You wanted an area for your dog to run free. You wanted privacy. You wanted to keep out foraging rodents and animals.

All those motivations are only amplified in the summer, when you, your children and your pets are spending more time outside. It makes sense to put fence repairs at the top of your “to-do” list in the spring, before summer begins and your family spends more time outside.

Your Fence Supplier Has Been Stocking Up

Good news for you: Your fence supplier, Utah Fence Warehouse, has been stockpiling supplies all winter long. When you need a specific part to complete your fence repairs, just come into the warehouse — we have what you need.

While plenty of homeowners have new fences installed during the wintertime, it’s also a season we use to make sure we are prepared to help you, come spring.

Is Your Fence Beyond Repair?

One of the hardest decisions to make when it comes to fence repairs is knowing when the damage is too great. You invested a lot of time installing the fence, so it can be demoralizing to learn that to bring the fence back up to snuff would take almost the same amount money and time that replacing it would.

Are you struggling to decide between fence repairs and replacement? Talk to our team today. We’ll help you understand the difference between repairable and replaceable damage, and give you a quote on both options.

6 Signs It’s Time for a New Deck

If you think it might be time for a new deck, you can build one. After all, that’s a benefit of being a homeowner. You get to make the calls on renovations and home improvements!

But let’s say you need to justify the cost of a new deck to your spouse, or simply to feel better about your decision. If you find any of the top six signs it’s time for a new deck, you won’t have to second-guess your decision.

new deck

1. It’s a Safety Threat

You lean back on the deck railing and the entire structure quakes. That’s not a good sign.

Shaky handrails and wiggly railings point to a major problem: Your deck isn’t secure. If you plan on having a big group over for a summer barbecue, you need to make sure the side of the deck doesn’t come crashing down the moment it’s touched. That may mean making a repair, but it could also mean it’s time for a new deck altogether.

2. Insecure Ledger Board

The ledger board is the section that connects the deck to the house. If it’s starting to loosen and pull away from the home, it puts your deck at risk of collapse during the next storm.

If enough time has passed that the ledger board is rotting, it’s time to plan a porch replacement project.

3. There’s an Infestation

For wood decks, termites can pose a major problem. Thankfully, if you catch an infestation quickly enough, you can remove the infested boards and replace them without having to tear down the entire porch. But if termites are left to their own devices, your deck is no longer stable or safe.

4. It Feels Spongy

If your feet are sinking into the boards when you walk across your deck, it’s past its best life. Spongy boards indicate rot and decay, which isn’t good for a porch destined to get a lot of use this summer.

5. Footings or Joists Show Structural Issues

The strength of a porch lies in its footings and joists, the underlying structure that keeps the deck standing. If footings are sinking and joists are shaking, the structure has some drastic structural issues that might not have an easy remedy.

6. It’s Not Up to Code

Utah building code requires all decks to have a minimum guardrail height of 36 inches on residential properties and 42 inches on commercial properties. If the platform is more than 30 inches from the ground, guardrails are required. If your current porch isn’t up to code, consider a replacement.

Call Utah Fence Warehouse when it’s time for a new deck — we have a wide selection of materials and styles to fit any home design.

Avoid Fence Damage: Watch Out for These 5 Threats

Fence damage can happen, but wouldn’t you rather it didn’t? Your fence serves many purposes: it enhances your property’s security, it keeps your children and pets safe and it adds value to your home.

fence damage

The top five causes of fence damage may not all be preventable, but you should be aware of them just the same:

1. Landscaping Equipment

A runaway ride-on lawnmower could wreak havoc on your landscaping and your fence, but that’s not the main piece of equipment you need to worry about. Weed trimmers are much more likely culprits.

If you’re rushing your weed-trimming and you get too close to your fence, the trimmer string can easily eat into the wood. It’s important to take your time and cautiously angle the trimmer downward to avert fence damage. You could also eliminate grass and spread mulch beds in front of your fence if you’d like to avoid the issue altogether.

2. Falling Trees

It happens: Trees fall. Whether felled by a windstorm or inner rot that went unnoticed, trees can be heavy and large enough to torpedo whole sections of your fence.

You can try to prevent this by hiring a professional arborist to inspect and trim your trees on a regular basis.

3. Harsh Weather

Strong storms can tear flashing off your roof and send it hurtling toward your fence. High winds can rip off sections of fencing or break gate latches. Stormy weather is a common reason you may need to visit the fencing supply store.

While you can’t control the weather, you can make sure to inspect your fencing immediately after a storm and quickly make repairs before another weather system comes along.

4. A Careless Neighbor

Sometimes neighbors do strange things, like hang their wet laundry to dry on your wood fence. If you are the full owner, it’s completely within your right to discuss such careless behavior with your neighbor.

In many cases, you may have joint ownership of the fence, but the damage will still affect you (and you may still be responsible for half the costs), so make sure to talk about your concerns with your neighbor in a respectful manner. If neighbors aren’t willing to cooperate with your requests, it’s also within your right to speak to a lawyer.

5. Destructive Insects

If you have wood fencing, then carpenter ants, powder post beetles and termites can all eat away at the material. You may not notice until the damage has spread. It’s possible to avoid this by treating and sealing your fence regularly, so make sure you stay on top of maintenance as best you can.

Making Repairs

If you have fence damage as the result of a storm, your homeowner’s insurance may pay for the repairs. You can handle all fencing repairs and replacements with ease when you trust Utah Fence Warehouse. With our wide product selection and knowledgeable staff, we’re here to supply the tools, materials and information you need to restore your fence. Call or visit us today!

Why Choose a Wrought Iron Fence for Your Home?​

A wrought iron fence is a classic addition that elevates your home’s design. It’s a natural contender when you’re looking for the perfect fence to provide both security and aesthetic appeal.

wrought iron fence Utah

What specific advantages might make a wrought iron fence the right choice for you?

It’s Strong

The strength of wrought iron is unmatched. You won’t find a sturdier material. The solid qualities of wrought iron make it attractive to homeowners who are interested in a fence for security reasons. No one will be getting through unless you let them in.

It’s best for people who want a strong fence, but aren’t concerned with privacy. Maybe you can’t bear to obstruct your beautiful view out your back door, but at the same time, you want to fully protect your property from outsiders. A wrought iron fence is the natural choice.

It’s Durable

Wrought iron’s durability is another reason it’s a good investment. Its resiliency keeps it sleek and attractive for years, throughout every type of weather. You never have to worry about termites, rot or deterioration.

The only sticking point is that you have to keep up with the repainting. The paint is what keeps the iron from rusting, so it’s smart to touch it up every few years or so, depending on the amount of wear and tear you notice after inspecting each section.

It’s Beautiful

A wrought iron fence is a gorgeous addition to your yard, and thus immediately drives up property value. Plus, the material can be formed in an endless array of decorative patterns. If you have a custom fence made, you’ll be the envy of your neighbors.

It’s a Commitment

Make sure you weigh all the pros and cons, no matter which fencing material you select. Fences are a major investment, and it’s hard to change your mind once you have a fencing project started. Picture what each type of fence would look like in your yard, and research the drawbacks and advantages before you make the final call.

Your Full-Service Fence Supplier

Utah Fence Warehouse offers Layton-area Utah home and business owners affordable, quality fencing solutions. We sell fencing that stands the test of time and enhances your property’s appeal.

If you’re looking for the right place to order a wrought iron fence, Utah Fence Warehouse is the place for you. Use our free online cost analysis tool so you can start easily budgeting for the fence of your dreams. Call today for our pricing or visit our warehouse.

9 Reasons Homeowners Decide to Build a Fence

Trying to think of all the pros and cons before you build a fence?

Right now, you may think of a fence as an expense, but after reading about these nine benefits a fence can offer, you’ll see that it’s more of an investment.


1. A Neighbor Isn’t Respecting Property Lines

For many homeowners, there is nothing more frustrating than a neighbor who seems to ignore a property line. While you’re a reasonable person, you’d appreciate it if they respected boundaries.

Always talk about your issues calmly with your neighbor, but you can also build a fence to clear up any debate over whose property is whose.

2. Road and Neighbor Noise Is Too Loud

Whether it’s the cars speeding by on a road behind your home or your neighbor’s rowdy backyard parties, the noise level in your back yard can be bothersome. You want your back yard to be a peaceful oasis. Cut down on the noise and build a fence.

3. A Neighbor’s Weeds Are Taking Over

If your neighbor’s unruly gardening style (or lack thereof) is starting to encroach into your space, fencing can help prevent anyone from mistaking their messy landscaping as your own. Even more important, it can stop their weeds from choking out your nice plants.

4. Privacy Is a Necessity

You may not want everyone in the neighborhood to watch what’s going on in your back yard. Privacy is one of the main reasons homeowners decide to build a fence. You can find a fence that’s high enough to block the view of curious onlookers and give you and your family the privacy to relax outdoors in peace.

5. Yard Security Is Important

When you have a fenced yard, it’s less likely any trespasser will try to gain entry. Your water features will no longer attract thirsty deer, and your landscaping equipment will be safely enclosed. Some homeowners insurance policies consider a fence an added security measure, and you may receive a discount on your policy.

6. Pets and Children Must Be Protected

Homeowners build fences to protect what’s theirs, and that includes their pets and children. Wandering pups and toddlers will be able to explore, but only in the confines of the property, not the entire neighborhood. A fence gives you peace of mind that your furry friends and mini-humans are safe.

7. Scavenging Animals Must Be Kept Out

Have you noticed your garden’s produce going missing? Scavengers may be making off with the fruits of your labor, but you can build a fence to help keep out the big ones.

8. A Fence Adds to Curb Appeal

An attractive fence adds character to a property. Find a style that fits your home and complements its exterior design. You’ll see that a fence can dramatically enhance curb appeal and give your home the face-lift you didn’t know it needed.

9. A Fence Adds to Home Value

Because of all these advantages, fences add to property value. Build a fence if you’re planning on listing your home for sale in a competitive real estate market. Fences provide a good return on investment by tipping the scales in your property’s favor in the eyes of interested buyers.

At Utah Fence Warehouse, we help homeowners through every step. When you want to build a fence, you may not know where to start. We will walk you through the project stages, making sure you end up with a sensational result. Contact us today to get started!

What Type of Fence Is Best for Your Yard?

Looking for the right type of fence to meet your needs, match your home and deliver value year after year?

It’s not an easy decision, because there isn’t just one right answer. Depending on why you want or need a fence, your budget and your preferences, the right type of fence for you may be different from the one your neighbor needs.
fence options Utah
How should you organize the decision-making process so you end up with the right type of fence?

Always Make Function the Top Priority

Fencing contractors and homeowners who’ve had fences installed will tell you: Make sure the fence will functional the way you want it to.

For example, if you want a fence that will keep your dog in your yard, make sure you build it high enough so they can’t jump over. Also, make sure you embed it at least 6 inches underground so they won’t dig their way out. Many homeowners have had post-project regret because they didn’t make sure the type of fence they chose fulfilled their wishes before they had it installed.

Start by identifying why you need this fence, find a selection of products that can meet your demands, then move on to the next question.

Next, Balance Cost, Maintenance and Aesthetics

It’s hard to say what matters more — the overall price or the final look. Homeowners with limited budgets will likely prioritize price over aesthetics, but others will disagree. Either way, make sure you count the full cost of every fencing option to get the most accurate view.

For example, a vinyl fence will cost more than a wood fence, up front. However, as time goes along, a wood fence costs more to maintain, both in manpower and dollars. It must be sanded, primed and stained when the finish wears off or else it will rot. A vinyl fence can last for decades without any maintenance at all, besides occasionally spraying off dirt and grime with a garden hose.

When you add up the cost of a wood fence and its associated maintenance over the years, you might find vinyl is worth the investment. If you prefer the look of wood, consider making small investments in labor and materials over the years to achieve the classic appearance you’re going for.

Don’t Make a Final Decision Without HOA Approval

No matter what, don’t ever buy fencing materials or install a fence without checking with your homeowners association. HOAs sometimes have strict regulations on the type of fence homeowners can erect, and where exactly it can go.

If you don’t have an HOA, you still have your town’s building code to consider. Make sure you get the right permits and ensure the specifications so your new fence doesn’t go against any building code restrictions.

Utah Fence Warehouse stocks every type of fence imaginable. We have a wide range of styles and materials for you to compare, discount prices and unmatched service. Call or come in today to learn more.

Plan Your Spring Fence Installation Now

A fence installation is a major project, one that many homeowners typically take on in the springtime, after the ground has thawed and no more snow is in the forecast.

Even if you’re not going to build the fence until it warms up more, you can take care of many tasks involved with the planning process. That way, you’ll be 100 percent ready to build on the first warm spring day.
fence options

Talk to Your Local Building Office

Before you consider any type of fence installation, always contact your local building office. Regulations on fence type and height may surprise you. Find out about the permit process. If you can apply in advance, it might be a good idea to start filling out that paperwork now.

If your neighborhood is governed by a homeowners association, you may want to check the bylaws for fence installation restrictions. You may only be allowed to build a fence on a certain area of your property. You may also be restricted from using certain materials.

It’s better to figure out what you’re not allowed to do before you make all your other decisions.

Discuss the Project with Your Neighbor

Be a good neighbor — knock on abutters’ doors and explain your plan for a fence. You will have to agree on where your property line is so you can make sure you’re building it in your yard, not theirs.

If necessary, hire a surveyor to properly map out your property line. Give neighbors a rough idea of when you plan on building so they’re prepared, not surprised, at your new fence installation.

Draw Out Your Plan

Next, make a physical sketch of your fence installation plan on a copy of your plot map. You will have to determine the dimensions of each section. Decide where you want to place gates. This plan will help you figure out if there are any obstructions in your path that need to be removed before the building starts.

You can also start planning how you will orient your landscaping around the new fence.

Pick Your Materials

Finally, decide on the details. When you think about materials, think about why you’re installing a fence. If you need privacy or want to keep your pets and kids safe, consider vinyl or wood fencing. If you want a decorative addition to your yard, consider iron fencing.

DIY or Professional?

Lastly, decide if you’re going to install the fence yourself or hire a professional to take care of the project. To build a fence on your own, you’ll need an inventory of tools and the knowledge to use them. Count the cost up front so you understand the full financial implications of taking on a project of this magnitude.

We Can Help

For a wide selection of fencing materials, fence installation rental tools and professionals you can hire to build your fence, contact Utah Fence Warehouse. We are here to meet your every need when it comes to building backyard fences.