Wood Fences

Wood fence is the most traditional of all fencing types, going back all the way to the 17th century!

wood-fenceWood fencing remains in high demand today because it has so much to offer. Wood is cost effective and lightweight, yet durable and long-lasting. Because wood fencing can be created in a limitless variety of styles and configurations, it works well with all types of architecture and exterior aesthetics.

Depending on your preference, wood fencing can be painted to match your home’s color palette or stained to enhance the warm, natural beauty of the wood grain.

Wood fencing offers strength, versatility, security and durability, to meet all your fencing demands.

Wood fencing can take on many forms – which one is right for you?

Wood Fence Installation

Planning your project is easy with our exclusive analysis tool. You can customize your specifications and receive a comprehensive price quote online, in just a few minutes.

The cost and complexity of wood fence installation depends upon the style of fencing you choose, and the size of your project. You have the option of allowing us to complete your fence installation for you or, if you are handy with tools, you can install it yourself.

Utah Fence Warehouse has all the tools you need, available to borrow free of charge!

We can provide pre-marked tape measures, templates to ensure proper spacing, trailers for transporting your materials and table saws, so you can make those all-important precision cuts. All you will need to supply is a posthole digger, stakes or paint to mark where you need to dig, a string line and a drill or screw gun.

If you do plan to install your wood fencing yourself, it’s important that you first locate the property lines and coordinate with your neighbors. Also, if you live in a neighborhood with a Home Owner’s Association (HOA) check the Association’s design guidelines to identify any material, style or height restrictions. You may have to submit your wood fencing project plans to the HOA for approval before installation.

When you’re ready to install, simply determine and mark the correct location for the fence posts. Next, you’ll dig the holes, prepare and set the posts, and attach the rails or panels.

With the help of Utah Fence Warehouse, installing a wood fence is easy and cost-effective.

Utah Fencing Supplies

Utah Fence Warehouse carries everything you need to install your wood fence, from the fencing materials to the large equipment.

When you want your fencing project to be a truly DIY experience, we make it easy for you. We sell the high-quality supplies that make everything easy, from measurement and cutting to final installation.

In many cases, you can complete your Utah fencing project in only a day or two, when you count on us for help.

Contact us today for more information on DIY Utah fence installation or to receive a free in-home estimate for a professional installation. Whichever method you prefer, Utah Fence Warehouse will help you to get your wood fence up, while keeping your costs – and hassles – down!