Should You Install a Security Fence Gate Lock?

The central purpose of a security fence is evident in its name: It’s supposed to keep your property safe from potential threats. What good is a strong, sturdy security fence without a durable lock?

If your investment is going to pay off, you need to make sure nobody can get inside your property line unless you allow them, and that means spending the time and money to ensure the security fence entry points are closed and locked at all times.

security fence gate lock

Look for Self-Closing Mechanisms

Make sure your fence gate isn’t going to swing open haphazardly. Your back yard is more vulnerable when the gate is open and unlocked. Get a gate-locking mechanism that self-closes, ensuring you won’t accidentally and unknowingly leave your property exposed.

Don’t Make it Easy for Intruders

You should also make sure the security lock on the fence gate is foolproof. If an intruder can easily reach through the fence, they can probably figure out how to get the lock open. Reduce the chances of this happening by finding a gate lock that’s tamper-proof.

Protect Your Property

Another great reason to always lock your fence gate is to keep outsiders from sneaking in to use your pool, hot tub or trampoline. Not only is this dangerous, but you may still be liable for any accidents that happen on your property, whether you’re aware of the situation or not.

Keep Pets in and Animals Out

A determined pup can potentially figure out how to jiggle open a weak security fence lock. Part of the reason you installed your fence was to prevent your dog from roaming the neighborhood! Invest in a quality locking system that even the smartest animal can’t figure out.

You also want to keep out strays, your neighbor’s dogs and wild animals. A weak fence lock (or an unlocked gate) is an open invitation to wandering animals. Don’t leave your yard vulnerable.

Meet Insurance Requirements

In some cases, your homeowners insurance may require you to install a strong security fence lock, especially if you own any structures that have the potential to cause significant injury, such as a zip line or a pool. You will keep your policy coverage intact and your premiums down if you comply with your insurance company’s instructions on the proper locking system for your situation.

What Do You Need?

Utah Fence Warehouse offers a variety of fencing supplies, including security fence locks that are tough and long lasting. Get the home security and the peace of mind you need when you shop our varied selection of options. Call or visit our showroom today!

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