6 Questions to Ask a Fence Installation Contractor

Your fence installation contractor is an important person — they’re going to ensure your new fence is sturdy, strong and able to withstand every season of Utah weather.

But before you make a hiring decision, get the answers to these six questions:

fence installation contractor

1. How Long Have You Been in Business?

There are two types of contractors: good and bad. While it’s not always true, you’ll usually find that unreliable contractors aren’t in business very long. For the most part, bad business practices catch up with dishonest companies. Once enough local homeowners catch on, the company is forced to close up shop and move somewhere else.

By asking your fence installation contractor about their work history, you’re able to determine if they’re dedicated to providing to their community that they provide quality service.

2. Do You Have References?

Next, go one step further. Ask for specific business references so you can get a firsthand account of their work. Talk to other homeowners, or read reviews on sites like Yelp or Angie’s List. Ask for pictures of previous fences they have installed.

In many cases, the quality of the references may help you narrow down which fence installation contractor you believe will do the best job based on what type of fence you’d like.

3. Do You Offer a Warranty?

There are two different types of warranties: one for materials and one for labor. When you buy fencing, the manufacturer usually provides a warranty on the parts. It’s up to your contractor to provide a warranty on labor.

The best contractors will give you long warranty coverage on labor, ensuring that if there is a problem later based on how they installed the fence, they will come back and fix it for free.

4. Will You Contact My Utility Company?

Installing a fence isn’t as straightforward as you may think. The fence installation contractor has to find out where the utility lines are — they don’t want to dig holes that damage your pipes or gas line. Ask your contractor if they will handle this, because that’s one more task you shouldn’t have to worry about.

5. When Is Payment Due?

Before you sign a contract, make sure you are clear on the terms of payment. Does the company require a deposit before work begins? Ask if you need cash, a check or if they’ll take a credit card. Don’t let confusion over payment terms cause you any frustration during the fence installation process.

6. How Soon Can You Start?

If you need your new fence installed right away, make sure the company you choose has room in their schedule to commit to completing the project on time.

Utah Fence Warehouse has the skills you’re looking for in a fence installation contractor. From wood to vinyl, the products we offer can fit any design scheme and budget. Contact us today and set up a time to get a free quote.

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