What’s the Best Rental Property Fence? 

A rental property fence is an upgrade meant to add function and value. When it comes to managing your rental property, you have to strike a sensible balance between making the place look attractive to good, reliable renters and going overboard for the sake of your own personal tastes.

Best Rental Property Fence

It might be hard to make a purely business decision without doing research, but that’s what we’re here for — to help you choose the ideal rental property fence for your situation.

Why Install a Fence?

You may be having second thoughts: Why are you spending the money to install a rental property fence? You aren’t going to live in it and enjoy it. Will it really pay off?

The answer isn’t always yes. If it won’t allow you to collect a higher rent price and it won’t help you rent the place faster, the answer might be no. And if it also won’t add long-term value to the property or help protect you against liability, the answer is definitely no.

On the other hand, a rental property fence has a very good chance of doing all the above! That’s why many landlords opt in, but it’s still important to spend the right amount on the right material.

Wood: Beautiful, Traditional, but Needs Maintenance

A wood fence will instantly up the curb appeal of a property with a classic, traditionalist look that nearly everyone appreciates. It can be stained to match the home as desired. The downside: It needs to be stained or painted regularly. It’s one of the items you will have to maintain at the rental property in order for it to last.

Vinyl: Easy to Clean, But Can Break

Vinyl fencing is much easier to maintain when it comes to aesthetics. Your tenants can simply hose it down when it gets dirty. It can last a long time, but if you live in an area with strong winds and heavy snow, be prepared to have to make some repairs. It’s a durable material, but it’s not the strongest fence.

Chain Link: No Privacy — Less Value?

A chain link fence is a cheap, quick fix to an immediate fencing problem. The only issue is that many renters might not like the way it looks. They also might feel slighted, since they have a fence, but it doesn’t offer them any level of privacy.

If privacy is at a premium in the neighborhood, going with an option like wood or vinyl might be a better move that will pay off with the rental price.

Find Your Best Fence

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