Chain Link Fences

Chain link fence is arguably the most popular type fencing available today.
chain-link-fenceIt is highly affordable, easy to install and it requires very little maintenance. Its versatility and durability make it appropriate for almost any commercial or residential application.

Utah Fence Warehouse is Utah’s specialist in all types of fencing, offering a full range of materials, installation and accessories.

Why Chain Link Fencing

In Utah, the climate can be brutal on any fence material, with season after season of weather extremes.

Chain link fence is highly valued its ability to stand up to adverse weather conditions. It has a long lifespan with very few maintenance needs. For the do-it-yourselfer, this material is one of the best choices. It is simple to install and versatile enough to meet any of your residential or commercial needs

Chain link provides a highly desirable combination of security and economy that’s hard to beat.

You can even enhance the appearance and privacy of your fencing by adding privacy slats, available in a variety of attractive and stylish colors.

Utah Chain Link Fence Installation

Utah Fence Warehouse specializes in Utah fencing installation of all types. Our experienced installers understand how important it is for your fencing to look good and to last. We provide an exceptional level of quality in all of our installation projects without sacrificing cost or time.

Start with the exclusive Utah Fence Warehouse analysis tool to help plan your chain link fencing project.

You can choose from a wide variety of styles and materials, including galvanized metal, which features an anticorrosive coating over steel. You can also select chain link with composite color coatings in the size or gauge you prefer. If your application can use a lighter gauge, you can save even more money over a more expensive, heavier gauge product.

If you prefer to handle the installation portion of your project, we stock all the materials and supplies you need.

Chain Link Fence Supplies and Accessories

For the handy do-it-yourselfer, Utah Fence Warehouse has everything you need to install your fencing of choice, quickly and easily.

We will loan you – free of charge — pre-marked tape measures, spacing templates, a table saw and a trailer for transporting your materials. All you need to provide is a post hole digger, snap line, and assembly tools such as a drill or screw gun.

You’ll find every accessory, including decorative elements, brackets and screws, at Utah Fence Warehouse’s convenient location.

We are committed to making it easy for you to complete your fencing project, no matter what its size and scope. Whether you trust us to handle your professional installation or if you choose to take the project on yourself, look to Utah Fence Warehouse for all of your chain link fence needs.