The Process of Installing Dry Concrete Fence Post Settings

At Utah Fence Warehouse, we’re happy to serve in whatever capacity you need from us when it comes to the installation of a new fence on your property. Whether you’re installing one of our wood fences, vinyl fences or numerous other options, you have the choice between performing your own installation (with our helpful expertise and some tools we can offer you) or allowing our seasoned fence contractors to handle the job – whichever you choose, we’re fully behind you.

One of the top considerations for those who choose to tackle their own installation is how to set fence posts in a secure, permanent way. There are several possible methods and materials to consider here, and one of the single most secure is known as dry setting, which uses concrete as the primary material. Here are some general steps to follow if you choose dry concrete settings for your fence posts.

process installing concrete fence post

Hole Prep

For starters, you’ll have to take the time to dig and prepare the holes your posts will go in. This begins with measuring the depth of the hole – plan to bury at least a third of the fence post, and often up to half of the post. Also consider width, which should be about two to three times the size of the post.

In addition to digging the holes properly, take the time to prep the area. Remove any rocks or roots that could impact the positioning of the post, and clear any other debris or blockages.

Hole Bottom Lining

Once your holes are fully dug and prepped, line the bottom of each hole with pea gravel – roughly six inches or so. The purpose here is to drain rainwater away from the fence post and prevent it from rotting or otherwise wearing down. Also take the time to tamp down the gravel so there’s no settling.

Post Setting

Now it’s time to insert the posts themselves. Try to center them as best you can, plus level and brace each post. Precision is vital here, as this will determine the permanent positioning of your fence posts.

Pouring Concrete

From here, you’ll need to follow the instructions on the pack pour for the dry setting concrete you’ve purchased. Generally speaking, you’ll want to pour to about three inches above ground level. Tap the concrete with a shovel to remove air pockets, and pour in the proper amount of water before leaving the concrete to set.

Drying Period

Dry setting concrete will need some time to dry, and this period will depend on the product you’ve used. We generally recommend staying away from “quick-setting” products, as they often aren’t of the same quality level. Broadly speaking, the average setting time is around four hours – during this time, make sure the post remains in position and does not carry any additional weight.

For more on dry setting for fence post installation, or to learn about any of our fence supplier services, speak to the staff at Utah Fence Warehouse today.