Components to Help Make Your Railing ADA-Compliant

Railings are a valuable safety and convenience element for a variety of people, but particularly for seniors or anyone who struggles with a handicap or mobility issues. Whether on decks or stairways, within bathrooms or in any other location, quality railings serve as a balance and movement assist for those who need it.

At Utah Fence Warehouse, we’re proud to offer a variety of deck and railing services in addition to our fence contractor and supplier solutions. One theme many home or building owners look to achieve when installing new railings is ADA compliance – ADA stands for the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, which is aimed at preventing discrimination based on disability and also maintains guidelines for safe structures, including railings. In many public areas, ADA compliance is a legal requirement. Even in private locations where it’s not, being ADA-compliant is valuable for safety and quality in several areas. With this theme in mind, let’s look at some elements that will help you make your railing ADA-compliant.

components railing ADA-compliant

ADA Handicap Loop

For handicap accessibility, the ADA handicap loop is an approved piece of equipment that’s meant to fit onto any railing. It’s commonly placed at the entrance of a building or on a short flight of steps, allowing those who need something to hold onto a secure purchase as they enter or exit.

These loops are made of durable, high-quality vinyl that’s extremely easy to clean and maintain. They are designed with seamless connections that make fitting very easy, and are available in several distinct color schemes.

Adjustable Handrail Joiner

For angled ADA handrails, this is a great accessory to make things safer and simpler. This external joiner can be connected to either an existing or new piece, with adjustable joint rings and male fittings to match any size you need. The joiner can adjust to anywhere from 0 to 65 degrees, made from durable vinyl that’s simple to maintain.

90-Degree Corner

For guide rails that assist people with movement, corners are an important consideration. If the corner rail is missing, it becomes very difficult for many such individuals to get around the corner safely.

This is what a 90-degree corner piece is for. It joins two 1.5-inch rails together as they go around a corner, ensuring there is no break in the rail. These materials, like those above, are made from vinyl materials that will stand the test of time and are available in several colors.

Aluminum Rail

When choosing your material, aluminum rail is often your best option. Extruded aluminum rail comes in lengths of 104 inches with a 1.5-inch diameter, making it perfect for a study railing that also contains some of the other accessories we’ve mentioned here. You can find this rail form in either black or white.

For more on making your railings ADA-compliant and safer, or to learn about any of our fence contractor or other home upgrade services, speak to the staff at Utah Fence Warehouse today.