Building a Sloped Fence: What You Should Know

A sloped fence is more difficult to construct than one built on level ground, but don’t let that stop you. You can still have the fence you want, even when your yard looks more like a mountain range than a valley.

Building a Sloped Fence

When you’re about to tackle a fencing project on a slope, check out some guidelines first to save time, money and frustration:

Is Grading an Option?

If the slope isn’t extreme, consider simply grading your yard so it’s level. While the cost for this can add up, it may pay off in more ways than one. Yes, it will make installing fencing a lot easier, but it will also help with water drainage and improve your landscaping, increasing its value. It may take extra time, but the result may look more like you envision.

Two Sloped-Fencing Methods

If grading the surface isn’t an option, you’re left with two choices: racked or stepped fencing.

The racked (also known as raked) fencing method is made up of individual boards. You install one at a time, so that each post is level with the ground. This is time-consuming, but it means there won’t be any gaps underneath the fence when the project is complete. Check with the fence material manufacturer before you begin to make sure your yard’s grade isn’t too steep. Most racked fence systems can only accommodate up to a 12-inch rise every six feet.

Stepped fencing is different. You install individual posts, then attach fence panels that increase in height with the grade of the yard. When you’re done, it will look like a staircase from the side, but each panel will be level at the top.

Which Should You Choose?

Consider function first. Will it be detrimental to have gaps underneath your fence? If you think a pet will escape, it’s better to avoid stepped fencing.

Then consider the looks. Do you prefer racked fencing? If you don’t mind the stacked, stepped look, perhaps you should stick with the panel system.

Finally, be realistic. Is your slope too steep for a racked fence? Your sloped fence of choice should be stepped style if the grade is too extreme.

Ready to Go?

Head on over to Utah Fence Warehouse with your plans for a sloped fence in hand, and check out our inventory. We have a wide range of styles and materials, so you’ll be sure to find what you need within your budget. We’ll even offer advice (and the tools you’ll need) to make your fencing project a success.