Choosing a Fence for a Big Dog: What You Should Consider

Choosing a fence is always a big decision. It’s an investment in your property. And when you have pets, it’s even more important that you make the right choice. The wrong fence could allow your pets to break out, or it could even injure them.

Choosing a Fence for a Big Dog

What should you consider when you have a big dog that needs to be kept in your yard?

Height Is the Top Priority

You need fencing that’s tall enough so that a running leap won’t be enough for your pet to break free into the neighborhood. If the fence is high enough, hopefully it won’t even try to break out. It’ll be discouraged just looking at it.

However, before you build an eight-foot enclosure, you have to make sure the height you choose is within the scope of local building code. Check with your town’s building office to see if there are homeowners association restrictions on fencing height. You don’t want to have to tear down your fence before your pup has the chance to enjoy the new leash-free yard space.

Gate Security: Your Dog Is Smart

Think “childproof” when you choose a gate lock, because your dog is smart. If it smells freedom on the other side of the gate, it’ll watch the way you open it and try to copy you. Without the right locking mechanism, you could have an escapee before you know it.

Is Privacy Best?

Does your dog need a privacy screen between it and the street in order to stay calm and not go into a barking frenzy? Consider your dog’s temperament when choosing a fence material. A fence with slats will allow a view of the mailman, but a privacy fence won’t.

Beware of Climbing

Dogs can climb when they want to! Chain-link fences provide easy paw holds that can give dogs a way out, so if your dog has chimpanzee-like capabilities, choose a different fence type.

Maintenance and Wear and Tear

You’re not just choosing a fence for your dog — you’re choosing a fence for you too. Think about maintenance needs. If you get a wood fence, you’ll have to sand and re-stain or re-paint regularly to protect your dog from splinters and to keep the material in good condition.

Looking for a fence type that demands less in terms of maintenance? Vinyl might be the best option.

Big Dogs Need Room to Run

Finally, consider the square footage you want to fence. This and the fence material type are the two main factors that predict cost. Maybe you only want to fence a section of your yard. If you’re fencing with your big dog in mind, remember that it will need a significant area to adequately stretch its legs.

Choosing a fence is easy at Utah Fence Warehouse. With our team’s experience and expertise, you’ll find the enclosure for your pet that fits your budget and blends seamlessly with your home’s style.