Installing a Fence in the Winter: What You Should Know

Installing a fence in any kind of weather is an exciting prospect! Fencing can increase privacy, enhance security and create a safe place for your children and pets to play. It’s ideal for what you need, and it adds value to your property.

Installing a Fence in the Winter

Maybe you’ve been believing a common misconception: When the ground is frozen, installing a fence is impossible. This is inaccurate — you could be installing a fence right now!

Don’t Assume Weather Is a Roadblock

Most people believe that installing a fence is only an option in spring, summer, and fall. This is why the cold months are the slow season for fence suppliers and contractors.

In reality, only two types of weather make a fence installation impossible: heavy rain or snow.

If the ground is soaked and the rain continues to come down, it’s not possible to stabilize fence posts. Similarly, if there is too much snow on the ground, it’s not possible to measure post depth or plan fencing lines accurately.

But if it’s just a little cold outside, installing a fence is still possible with the right tools.

Don’t Worry About Landscaping

One of the great perks about installing fencing in the winter is that you don’t have to worry about your mulch, bushes, and flowers getting ruined and marring your curb appeal.

Trust a Professional

When you hire an expert or depend on Utah Fence Warehouse for professional tool rentals, you’ll be able to use an auger to dig fence post holes even in the icy, frozen ground.

You Need Permits No Matter the Season

Many homeowners forget that a new fence usually means a trip to the local town office. You need a building permit in many municipalities for fences, or at least for fences over a certain height.

You’ll Be Ready for Spring!

There’s nothing better than getting a whole new look for springtime. The air is fresh, the world feels new, and your landscape looks better than ever with a fence that’s installed and ready to go. You can plant, water and grow your landscaping without interruption, and you’ll be prepared for the kids and pets to roam free in the warmer weather.

When You’re Looking for a Deal Year-Round

We offer fencing materials and tools for projects year-round. Utah Fence Warehouse is here for you when installing a fence is on your to-do list. Call or visit our warehouse today!