Why Winter Fence Installation Might Benefit You, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the potential value you could realize by considering a winter fence installation. While most tend to schedule a fence installation for a more typical spring or summer month, doing so during the “down” season in this industry may hold several potential benefits.

At Utah Fence Warehouse, we’re proud to offer a variety of fence supplies and accessories, plus quality fence contractor installation services if needed. Here are a few more potential reasons why the winter period might be your best choice for fence installation during periods where direct snow isn’t on the ground (frequent during the Utah winter).

winter fence installation benefit

Won’t Block Outdoor Activities

During the spring and summer, especially for homes with children or pets, the yard is an area for outdoor activity. Whether we’re talking playtime, gardening or any other area, you want this space to be available.

During a fence installation, however, significant digging and other installation needs will crop up. If you’re installing a particularly detailed or large fence, this process may take some significant time, during which parts of the yard will be inaccessible and may even risk pets escaping or running into neighbor yards. With winter installation, you avoid many of these risks – plus, as we mentioned in part one, you can generally get the job done faster since contractor availability is higher.

Winter Weather Protection

If you’ve begun to notice your current fence buckling under the strain of winter, whether it’s in the form of rotting, cracking or some other form of damage, realize that these issues are only going to get worse if you ignore them. Instead of waiting months until the spring hits, we highly recommend considering a new fence replacement during the winter period.

Not only will this be quicker to install in many cases, it will help protect your yard and property in vital ways during the remainder of the winter. There can even be cases where existing damaged fences are significant dangers to those on the property, and installation of a new fence as soon as possible remedies this issue.

Holidays and Pets

One of the most common times for families to take on a new pet like a dog or cat: The holidays, which just passed. For those in this situation who have not had a fence on their property before, or who need a more effective fencing option to keep their pet on the property, there’s no need to wait until spring and keep your new pet cooped up inside. Call our team about inter fence installation right away.

For more on the potential benefits of winter fence installation, or to learn about any of our fence contractor services, speak to the staff at Utah Fence Warehouse today.