Why Winter Fence Installation Might Benefit You, Part 1

When it comes to work being done on the outdoor areas of your property, including themes like fence installation or renovations, most people think of the warmer months of the year as the ideal times for these sorts of projects. There may be certain projects that can also be completed during the winter with some hidden benefits, however, and fence installation is often one such project.

At Utah Fence Warehouse, we’re proud to offer comprehensive fencing contractor services, from providing fence supplies and accessories to offering full installation services if you require them. While we obviously do not recommend attempting a fence installation while there’s a significant amount of snow on the ground or the ground is completely frozen, the Utah winter offers several opportunities where these conditions are not present – this two-part blog will go over some reasons why, if you can find the right time, winter fence installation might be your best choice.

winter fence installation benefit

Simpler Landscaping

For starters, fence installation is often a project that’s carried out simultaneously with various landscaping upgrades or changes. This makes inherent sense – fences themselves are often a big part of the landscape, and they will impact how you design plant areas, hardscape and other factors.

During the winter, however, many of the plants involved in a landscape are dormant. This means they are less likely to be damaged during any fence construction, which can speed up the process of installation for either you or our professional contractors.

Contractor Availability

Speaking of our contractors, guess what they’re busy doing for most of the spring and summer period: Helping with fence installations throughout Utah. These periods of the year are naturally much busier for fencing contractors around the country, and it can be a bit tougher to schedule your appointment and get everything done in a short period of time.

If you go for winter installation, though, you beat most of this rush. Instead of trying to fit in an appointment around a busy schedule in spring, consider getting it done now and sitting back to enjoy your new fence once the warm weather hits.

Year-Round Protection

As we noted above, many landscaping elements and plants go dormant during winter. For those who desire privacy and protection in their yards, and who utilize trees and shrubs to do this, this protection becomes limited during thee fall and winter. If you’re feeling exposed and missing the privacy you desire during this period, don’t feel you need to wait all the way until spring or even summer to have a high-quality privacy fence installed on your property.

For more on the potential benefits of installing a fence during winter, or to learn about any of our fence contractor services, speak to the staff at Utah Fence Warehouse today.