Tips and Steps for Fencing in Your Home’s Deck

At Utah Fence Warehouse, we’re proud to provide our clients with not only the highest-quality fence supplies and fencing contractor services, but also numerous solutions when it comes to building decks, railings and similar areas. Our comprehensive services cover your entire exterior property, ensuring it’s both protected and aesthetically pleasing simultaneously.

One desire that’s becoming more and more popular among modern homeowners is something of a combination of these two areas: A fully-fenced deck. Whether you have children you want to keep safe from a fall, pets you want kept on the deck or a variety of other potential needs, a fenced deck might be the perfect choice for you. Here are some tips we can offer for DIY homeowners looking to fence in their deck.

steps fencing home’s deck

Recommended Materials

For starters, you want to source the best possible fencing materials for your deck fence. Generally speaking, we recommend vinyl as the primary material here: It’s sturdy and durable, with no risk of cracking, breaking or splitting. It’s naturally resistant to corrosion and mildew, with simple maintenance needs that make it easy to own. Finally, it’s available in virtually any color format you can think of, making the aesthetic side of things easy to work with.

In addition, you should consider the other materials you’ll need for your installation:

  • Number of panels required, plus thickness of panels desired
  • Precut posts and rails if needed
  • Tools: A circular saw, sawhorses, handsaw, square, tape measure, level, cordless drill and hammer should all be on hand

Drawing Up Plans

Next it’s time to formulate your basic plan for the entire deck fence. We’re talking about everything from the broad style and aesthetics to the measurements you’ll need to take for height and width. We recommend factoring in elements like the view from the deck (you don’t want to block it with a fence that’s too high) and others that might impact the aesthetics. This is also a good time to ensure any tools or equipment with batteries have been plugged in to charge.

Installation Details

When you have our vinyl panels and posts delivered, ensure all parts are present, including fence post holders. Confirm everything is to your specifications before getting to work.

Begin by installing fence post holders on the deck at the proper locations based on your drawn-up plans. From here, insert each post into its corresponding holder. Finally, slide the fence panels themselves into the posts, waiting for them to click into place. When pre-cut slots are used, there is no need for nailing, screws or other connections.

Lighting Considerations

When you’ve finished with the actual fence installation, many homeowners also want to include some subtle lighting additions. Whether you consider solar-powered lights or other types, there are many options today that fit into adapters directly attached to fence posts, meaning you don’t have to deal with bothersome wiring.

For more on fencing your deck, or to learn about any of our fencing supplies or services, speak to the staff at Utah Fence Warehouse today.