Methods for Building a New Fence on Sloped Terrain

For those looking to install their own fence, or to do so in coordination with fencing professionals, yards with slopes in them are naturally a bit more complex to deal with than flat options. That said, anyone who tells you it’s not possible to build a fence on a sloped surface isn’t fully informed – it’s easily possible, and even relatively simple if you take the proper steps and precautions.

At Utah Fence Warehouse, we’re happy to be as involved as you’d like us to be if you’re looking to build a fence on a slope of any kind. For everything from our wood fences to vinyl, wrought iron or even chain link fence options, you can ask our professionals to install the entire thing for you – or you can handle the job completely on your own using some of our tools. Regardless of which option you choose, here’s a primer on the options you have for the installation format and some basic tips on sloped fence formats.

building new fence sloped terrain

Using Yard Contours

The most common option home and property owners tend to choose when it comes to building sloped fences is following the contours of the yard. As you place horizontal rails for the fence, these will follow a smooth, parallel line to the ground, rather than staying level with each other. This means the poles will appear to be at different heights.

This is a format that tends to be most effective when the slope is relatively minor, not significant. Scalloped fences are often great calls here, as their rounded arch panels coordinate with the smooth contours of the fence.

One tip to keep in mind here: If you’re using the contour method, your fence may need to be custom-cut to avoid gaps under the panels. Pre-cut panels may contour to the ground correctly.

Stepped Fences for Steeper Slopes

For steeper slopes, on the other hand, following the contours won’t be as simple. In this case, you usually want to consider a stepped fence, which comes with separate panels that are a big higher than the previous section, almost looking like a staircase in fence format.

Stepped fences can easily be made using pre-cut panels, as they do not need to be as precise with contouring to the ground. However, posts will need to be cut individually to get the proper panel height for each section.

Filling in Stepped Fence Gaps

As you may have guessed already, the stepped format does leave gaps under each panel section depending on the slope of the yard. This can be an issue if you have pets, and you’ll need to fill in these gaps in these cases.

Some choose to use planters along the fence, which adds aesthetics while filling your needs. Others may grow vegetables or other plants directly from the ground. Our pros will be happy to offer some simple suggestions here if needed.

For more on building a fence on sloped land, or to learn about any of our fence supplies or accessories, speak to the staff at Utah Fence Warehouse today.