Is a Fence Repair Worth it, or Should You Replace?

A fence repair might seem like the best route to take after storm damage or just as the result of regular wear and tear. But when is replacement the better option?

is a fence repair worth it

If you’re skilled at DIY fence repair, you probably don’t see a reason to tear down your fence and build a new one, but in some cases, it’s the more cost-effective option. It could also drastically improve your property’s function.

Common Fence Repair Projects

The fence repairs you’ll need to manage will differ, depending on the material.

For wood fences, weather can take a toll. You may need to replace wood slats that have rotted over time. And when you replace individual components with new pieces, they will not match the rest of the structure. But you’ll be able to stain it, and as time passes it will begin to blend in.

For vinyl fencing, cracked posts and panels are the biggest issues you’ll deal with. You’ll probably have to replace sections, which can be difficult depending on how familiar you are with working with vinyl.

Aluminum or iron fencing might require the expertise of a welder to repair, but it’s also less likely that you’ll need to make these repairs at all.

Regardless of which fencing material you have, make sure you understand the scope of the project before you begin.

When it’s Too Old

In general, if your fence is older than you, it’s probably time for a replacement. A wood fence can last up to 30 years if it’s made of cedar, but it’s more likely it was crafted from pine, which only lasts about 12. Treated wood can last up to 20.

Vinyl usually lasts longer than wood, but it may start to look faded after a decade or two. Also, if your fence is too old in terms of style, it’s probably better to spend your money on a replacement.

When it’s Rotted

If your wood fence has termites or if decay is spreading throughout the structure, replacing one post and slat at a time might be more convenient, but eventually, you’ll want to simply rip out the whole thing and replace it. This way, you can ensure its integrity.

When Functionality Is the Top Issue

You can repair a wood fence over and over, but you should ask yourself: Is this fence doing what I need it to do?

If you are looking for a fencing material that will keep a large dog or a small child in your yard, maybe it’s time to explore your other options. In this case, stop putting money into repairs and opt for full replacement.

We Know Fencing

You can trust Utah Fence Warehouse for advice when you’re deciding between fence repair or replacement. From providing basic repair materials to renting out tools to help with a replacement project, depend on us for affordable prices and experienced help for your project.