How to Choose a Fence Gate

The fence gate you choose can either enhance or detract from what you had in mind when you first decided to install fencing in your yard. It can either facilitate a smooth, seamless operation and support your security efforts, or it can make everyday use that much more difficult.

How to Choose a Fence Gate

Besides choosing a fence’s design and material, selecting a fence gate is the next most important decision on the list.

What else should you consider?

Factor in All Security Concerns

You may think the best security measure is to not install a fence gate at all. This is true — you could opt for an inaccessible fence, but you might regret it. What will you do when you need to get a new patio set delivered? How will you transport lumber into your backyard to build a new deck or a swing set for the kids?

It’s not realistic to build a fence without a gate, even if your primary motivation for the project is security. That’s why it’s smart to think about your secure fence gate options. You could install a gate that only opens from the inside as a compromise. Or you could choose a motorized option that requires a code to open.

Consider Access Convenience

Besides the type of fence gate, it’s just as important to choose where it will go. If your fence crosses a driveway, this might be obvious, but for a yard, it can get tougher to decide.

Think about convenience. If you’ll have to walk out of your natural path to reach the gate, you’ll probably be a little frustrated by the wasted energy. Place the gate in the most intuitive place — you’ll thank yourself later!

On the topic of convenience, think about what will work best for your purposes. Does it make more sense for the gate to swing inside? Would it be helpful if it was motorized due to the heavy fence material you chose?

Think About How it Will Look

There are many types of fence gates to choose from: swing gates, cantilever slide gates, rolling slide gates and more. Which looks right for you? While the casual onlooker might not notice the gate when looking at the fence, you’ll know deep down if the design doesn’t fit with your preferred style.

Don’t Forget Daily Use

Do you have kids and pets? Make sure they can’t easily open the gate. Is your fence on an incline? You might not be able to open a swinging gate in this case. Consider the context to help fine-tune the details and narrow down your options.

You Have Options

Speaking of options, you have them at Utah Fence Warehouse. Get the fence gate that perfectly completes your project and talk to our experienced staff while you’re at it. They can help point you toward the features that fit with your vision.