Repair or Replace Your Fence?

Sometimes you can’t tell whether to repair or replace your fence just from looking at it. Some damage might look disastrous, but it might actually be an easy fix. Other issues might seem inconsequential but can have serious effects on your fence’s stability.

When deciding between repair and replacement, don’t just think about how it looks. Consider what you want and analyze the costs versus benefits of repairing and replacing.

Repair or Replace Your Fence

Replace When You’re Ready for a New Design

It’s time to replace your fence when you’re over your current one. Whether you’re tired of maintaining wood or you’ve decided vinyl just isn’t the look you want anymore, it’s your home and you get to decide! The value of your fence doesn’t just come down to numbers. A fence should make you feel proud of your home.

Repair When You Want to Save Money

If cost is the main issue for you, don’t replace your fence — repair it. Most of the time, making repairs to a fence is the most cost-effective way to remedy the damage.

Replace When Decay Has Taken Over

If your fence is “totaled,” repairs won’t make sense. If decay has taken over your wood fence, don’t screw new rails to rotting posts — just replace the whole thing!

One sign decay is a serious issue is if your wood fence is drastically leaning. You might also see holes in the wood. This is a sign of an infestation. You need replacement, not repairs.

Repair When it’s an Easy Fix

Just like you shouldn’t waste time and money repairing a decayed fence, you also shouldn’t jump to conclusions when you notice fence damage. Sometimes decay only affects individual boards and posts and may be a minor problem you can repair.

Get a Quote to Help You Decide

One way to answer the question of replacement versus repair once and for all is to get a quote on fencing materials. Utah Fence Warehouse can provide you with a detailed list of all the items you’ll need for either a repair or replacement. We can also fill you in on how much time and effort it will take to do each. Finally, we can show you examples of what a new fence could look like.

When you are deciding whether to repair or replace your fence, we’re your best resource. Call today or visit us in Layton to see what we have to offer.