4 Tips for Repairing Fence Damage This Spring

Winter storms can mean fence damage, and if your property suffered this past season, repairs are probably at the top of your list this spring. You need to get your fence back up to keep pets and kids contained and to keep up appearances.

4 Tips for Repairing Fence Damage This Spring

A broken fence can be hazardous and it doesn’t add to your curb appeal. But before you rush to the home improvement or hardware store, check out our top four tips for dealing with fence damage.

1. Talk to Your Neighbor Before Repairing Shared Fencing

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when repairing fence damage is not clearing the project with your neighbor when you share a fence. According to the law, the cost of repairing a shared fence should be split equally.

Instead of making the repairs and charging your neighbor 50 percent, review the damage together and determine the best course of action. Even if you’re comfortable paying for the entire repair bill yourself, you should do them the courtesy of communicating, just to avoid any resentments in the future.

2. Fix the Cause of Leaning Fences First

A leaning fence is a common problem many homeowners ask for advice about. We always suggest dealing with the cause of the problem first.

Some fencing leans because of soil erosion. Is your landscaping draining properly? Is erosion threatening the integrity of the fence? If so, stabilizing it will only be a lasting repair if you rectify the erosion issue too.

3. Be Aggressive in Treating Termite Damage

Termites can eat away wood fencing faster than you’d imagine! You don’t want termites in your wood fence, but even more importantly, you don’t want termites in your house.

The second you notice termites in a wood fence that’s near your home, be aggressive: Tear the entire fence out if you have to. You don’t want the problem spreading, and repairing just a few wood slats won’t fix it.

4. Talk to Your Insurance Company About Major Damage

Homeowners sometimes forget that their insurance policy covers damage to their fencing as well as their home (in most cases). If the winter left your fencing in pieces, don’t assume the entire cost of replacement out of pocket. Explore your options and put in a claim if it’s worth it financially.

Remember you can turn to Utah Fence Warehouse for fence damage repair help as well as for replacement. We have tools available as well as all the supplies you need to get your fencing back in tip-top shape.