How to Choose the Right Vinyl Fence Color 

Vinyl fence color affects the look of your home’s exterior. Before you opt for traditional white (even though that’s a top-notch choice), make sure you consider all your options so you don’t have buyer’s remorse later! Also, you should know why a white vinyl fence color reigns supreme when it comes to fencing materials.

Choose the Right Vinyl Fence Color

Why Dark Colors Aren’t Used More

With all of society’s modern technological advancements, one serious problem still has yet to be solved: how to prevent a dark vinyl fence color from fading.

There’s something special about white: It retains its brightness over time. In Utah’s unforgiving wintry climate and harshly hot desert summer, dark colors don’t stand a chance.

Of course, it is possible to purchase a darker vinyl fence color, as long as you are aware of this fact and resigned to it. The good news is if you’re absolutely against white, then lighter colors like almond, tan and khaki are options that don’t fade as much as darker shades.

Find Out About HOA Regulations

Before you decide one way or another, it’s important to check your homeowners association rules and regulations.

Many organizations have clear guidelines on the color fencing you’re allowed, and it’s usually white. It’s better to check beforehand to save yourself lots of money on wasted materials and installation costs, only to have your neighbor complain.

Enjoy the Best Vinyl Has to Offer

The great feature about vinyl fencing is that no matter what color you choose, you will enjoy some outstanding benefits. Vinyl is easy to keep clean. It doesn’t require any maintenance, it adds value to your property and it looks beautiful.

And if you choose a lighter color or plain white, you will enjoy that beauty for decades — no fading in sight.

Create a Unique Design

Are you worried your white vinyl fencing will look the same as every other fence in Utah?

It’s a common concern, but easily remedied with our wide selection of fence styles. You can add toppers to fence posts that fit your unique style. You can opt for a privacy, picket or rail fence. Just talk to our team about what you picture for your one-of-a-kind combination.

Take into Account Your Home Color and Style

Finally, make sure your fence color jibes with your home’s style. If your home has tan trim, a beige fence might look the best. For bright white wood and door frames, drawing the white into the vinyl fencing is a picture-perfect choice.

Trust Utah Fence Warehouse for your next fencing project. We’ll help you decide on the ideal vinyl fence color based on your home and your preferences. We offer great prices too!