Value of an Iron Fence: Curb Appeal, Gardening, Repairs

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics on the excellent value areas owners receive from iron fences. Both iron and wrought iron fences are extremely durable but also highly pleasing aesthetically, allowing for a mixture of both practical and visual needs to be met.

At Utah Fence Warehouse, wrought iron fence options are just one piece of our comprehensive selection, which also spans vinyl fences, wood fences and many other materials. All of these potential material choices come with their own set of benefits depending on your needs – what are some that stick out for iron fences in particular? Here are several to keep in mind. 

value iron fence repairs

Overall Curb Appeal

When we talk about curb appeal, we’re referring to the immediate visual impression someone gets of your home and property when they drive by or pull up for the first time – and curb appeal is known to have a major impact when it comes to home and property value. Homes with great curb appeal tend to do very well on the resale market, while those without it are fighting an uphill battle.

And for curb appeal, iron fences are fantastic. They’re highly aesthetically pleasing, for one, but also show anyone looking at the property that you take security seriously – practical value is part of curb appeal, too. If people driving by your home see a gorgeous, well-maintained wrought iron fence, they’ll naturally assume you also take other areas of property maintenance and care seriously.

Aesthetics and Gardening

Getting a bit more specific on the aesthetics side, those who garden regularly often love wrought iron fences. They bring a sense of personality and flair to any setup, standing tall and adding to the elegance of your gardening or landscape display. They’re also ideal for including in various plant or other design setups – while other fence types might look out of place if they had vines wrapped around them, for instance, wrought iron looks right at home. In some cases, iron fences even serve as simple ways to split up your soil or gardening areas.

Simple, Easy Repairs

Finally, when it comes to any repairs or maintenance you might need, vinyl fencing is one of the best options. Some fence repairs are unavoidable over a large enough period of time, and in these cases, you want to be dealing with a material where said repairs are simple to make. You can replace individual panels of an iron fence easily by simply opening a bracket system and fitting your new panel in, and posts are also easy to replace.

For more on why wrought iron fences offer such value, or to learn about any of our fence materials or fence repair services, speak to the staff at Utah Fence Warehouse today.