Options for Personalizing and Accessorizing Your Fence, Part 1

While the primary purpose of a fence on your property is generally to define property lines and keep the area secure, fences are also a great way for home and other property owners to show off their personal style. Fences and yards are some of the most important spaces when it comes to making a property inviting and aesthetically pleasing, and modern fencing materials make your potential choices here virtually unlimited.

At Utah Fence Warehouse, we offer a wide variety of fencing materials, from wood and vinyl to wrought iron fences and many others – each of which comes with its own set of qualities and customizable elements. Are you looking to transform your yard through a reinvention of a bland, boring fence area? This two-part blog will dig into several themes you might consider as you personalize your fence to meet your style.

options personalizing accessorizing fence

Bird Houses and Related Themes

Fences are valuable for warding off certain unwanted creatures from your property, but certain others should be welcomed and can help create a great atmosphere – namely birds. Species like blue jays, purple martins or even hummingbirds are all beautiful animals that fit right in with any back yard or landscape, and you can help attract them your way while also improving the fence’s overall aesthetics through the installation of a bird house or a related space.

In some cases, this involves hollowing out a gourd and hanging it for martins and other birds to nest in. Others prefer a standard bird house, while still others may enjoy hummingbirds specifically and look too place a hummingbird feeder in a convenient location. Not only are these visually interesting additions, they’ll also benefit the wildlife community on your property.

Visual Centerpiece

Many fence materials, wood chief among them, offer a huge array of visual customization options, primarily through painting. Some vinyl fences can also be painted as well, though you should check on this first and only use vinyl-approved paint in these cases.

Not only is paint a fantastic way for you or others in your family to express their creativity and lend some personality to the fence, it’s also a value-add when it comes to fence quality and lifespan. Paint helps protect a wood fence from moisture, pests and other damage risks.

Free Customization

Instead of paying for customization elements on your fence, why not utilize free options? There are numerous household items that will make for cool fence designs, from shelving repurposed into planters to old picture frames being used as shutters. You can also consider found art from recycled or free materials you find during daily life.

For more on how to accessorize and otherwise bring life to your fence, or to learn about any of our fence contractor services, speak to the staff at Utah Fence Warehouse today.