Selecting Fence Gate: Opening, Varieties and Size

There are several components of most fences that home and property owners will be considering, and one of these is the fence gate. A gate is a type of entry used in various settings, from buildings to roads and even fences, and it holds both aesthetic and practical value.

At Utah Fence Warehouse, we’re proud to offer robust services in numerous fencing areas, from fence materials like vinyl and wood fences to a number of fence gate solutions to meet all your needs. What are the options you have available for your fence gate, and what are some of the important variables you should be considering while choosing a fence gate? This two-part blog series will go over several basics to be aware of.

fence gate opening varieties size

Gate Opening Types

There are a few different gate opening options you might consider depending on your space and desires:

  • Swing gates: the standard gate style, set on a hinge and reinforced diagonally. Most swing gates will secure with a simple latch.
  • Cantilever: Gates that slide open rather than swinging, and are great for limited-space needs. These are also ideal in areas that have lots of snow.
  • Rolling gates: Another option that slides, this time with a set of wheels and a track embedded in the ground. These are ideal for wider spaces where the gate is well-supported.

Gate Varieties

You have numerous gate options at your disposal as well:

  • Standard: One that matches the fence using the same material
  • Ornamental: A fancier, luxury option
  • Specialty: Various options that serve purposes, from space-saving to security gates
  • Hidden: Gates that blend into the fence itself
  • Double gates: For gates that go across the driveway

By far the most common of these options is standard, which is used on most home properties that have a fence. The standard gate can also often be infused with basic security measures to fill multiple purposes.

Choosing Size

Choosing the ideal size for your gate will depend on where the gate is located on your property, first and foremost. If it’s being used as an entryway to the yard or front garden, you can usually use a gate that’s three feet wide at maximum; if you need wheelchair access, this should be at least four feet.

As for height, it mostly depends on the height of the fence. The majority of homeowners will match their fence and gate height, or perhaps make the gate just slightly higher or lower – but too much higher will look strange, and too much lower will not be secure in many cases. No matter what, your fence size must leave access open to emergency responders in case they’re ever needed.

For more on choosing the ideal fence gate, or to learn about any of our fencing materials or solutions, speak to the staff at Utah Fence Warehouse today.