Selecting Fence Gate: Opening, Varieties and Size

12 Jan 2021

fence gate opening varieties size

There are several components of most fences that home and property owners will be considering, and one of these is the fence gate. A gate< ...

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Underground Fence Risks: Rot and Burrowing Creatures

08 Dec 2020

underground fence rot burrowing

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics on underground risks to your fence posts. While most of ...

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Underground Fence Risks: Frost and Roots

10 Nov 2020

underground fence risks frost

When it comes to protecting your fence from potential damage, some of the top culprits are relatively well-known: Moisture risks, weather elements, impact dangers and the potential for corrosion or other forms of wear-down. D ...

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Power Washing Vs. Handwashing Your Fence

13 Oct 2020

power washing handwashing fence

As a top local fence supplier, we at Utah Fence Warehouse take pride in our versatile fencing services. We’ll perform full fence installations for you if you require them, but are also happy to simply provide materials for ...

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Fence Variables for Combining Privacy and Views, Part 1

11 Aug 2020

fence variables privacy views

When it comes to fence installation on your property, privacy and views are often in competition with one another. Fences are often primarily in place for privacy and boundary marking purposes, but many property owners also d ...

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