Fencing Themes for Home Swimming Pools, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics when it comes to building a fence that will house a backyard swimming pool. Whether for simple safety and privacy concerns or to limit liability risks and related issues, fencing around a pool is a must on many properties.

At Utah Fence Warehouse, we’re proud to supply a huge variety of fencing materials and fence accessories for numerous needs, including those looking to house a swimming pool. Our vinyl fencing materials are often best here, though we have several other choices as well, including wood, wrought iron and even chain link fences. In today’s part two, we’ll look into a few additional themes for proper swimming pool fencing and related areas.

fencing home swimming pools

Self-Closing and Locking Gate

While the fence itself is very important for any pool housing situation, you must be sure not to forget about a gate as well. This is especially true for those looking to maintain privacy on a variety of levels, whether complete or partial.

In addition, there are local laws to keep in mind here. In most districts of most US states, full fences surrounding property areas like pools or various structures must come with a self-closing and locking gate. These are great child-proof devices for those who live in areas with lots of children, as well. One tip: Be sure your lock is waterproof and above the reach of any young children you might be trying to mess with it.

Rail Gaps

In some cases, you may choose a rail fence for your style to surround the pool. This is fine, but there’s one big factor to consider here: Ensuring gaps between rails (and between the bottom rail and the ground) are small enough for safety. If such gaps are too large, they serve as footholds for kids to climb on. Gaps at the base of the fence might allow pets to wriggle under and escape, as well. If you choose a rail format, ensure gaps are properly designed so these risks are not present.

Insurance Company Guidance

Finally, one resource you may not have considered for your swimming pool fencing: Your insurance company. Particularly for homeowners installing fences to remove liability issues on their property and pool area, the insurance company will often be able to provide several quality tips in terms of pool fencing – required height, material recommendations and more. Some will even give insurance discounts if you consult them and use one of their approved fencing materials.

For more on building the right kind of fence around a swimming pool area, or to learn about any of our fence supplies or services, speak to the staff at Utah Fence Warehouse today.