Fence Variables for Combining Privacy and Views, Part 1

When it comes to fence installation on your property, privacy and views are often in competition with one another. Fences are often primarily in place for privacy and boundary marking purposes, but many property owners also don’t want them to block off a view – whether it’s of the city, their garden or some other feature.

At Utah Fence Warehouse, we’re here to help. We’re a fence supplier offering a huge range of fencing options, from vinyl and wood fences to wrought iron fences and many others. We also offer detailed installation and maintenance services, plus have assisted numerous clients with the planning process for their new fence and the balance between views and privacy. This two-part blog series will begin by going over some of the best fence formats for those looking to check both these boxes, then look into some additional tips for ensuring you don’t obstruct your views with a new fence.

fence variables privacy views

Privacy Fences and Height

For those property owners who desire significant privacy and want to install a privacy fence, the primary factor to think about when ensuring your views are not disrupted is height. You may want the fence as high as possible, but it’s important to think about the practical realities here.

Specifically, you only need such a fence to block the view into the yard from other yards – not from above. A four- or six-foot fence with a lattice-top often does a great job here, plus still offers a great view over the fence from inside your home.

Rail Fence Options

For those who are primarily using the fence as a way to mark their property boundary, a rail fence is often a great choice. It’s also commonly chosen by those in rural areas looking to stop wildlife from roaming in.

And when it comes to views, rail fences are optimal. Split rail fence or round rail fence options will both do a great job keeping animals out and marking your property, but will also offer a great view because there are no major panels blocking any area you want to keep open.

Iron Fence

What if you’re most interested in a fence for property security against both intruders and animals? Wrought iron or aluminum fences are usually your best options here, offering ideal security with limited maintenance needs. But just like a rail fence, these options do not block the majority of the outside areas from being viewed, and will allow you to maintain whatever aesthetic you desire.

For more on how to combine both privacy and great views with your new fence installation, or to learn about any of our fence repair or other services, speak to the staff at Utah Fence Warehouse today.