Neighborly Etiquette Tips For Installing a New Fence

For any property owner considering installing a new fence, particularly those in residential areas, one important consideration before taking on such a project is your neighbors. While a fence does technically have to be on your property, it will be seen and interacted with by neighbors on multiple sides in many situations, and the polite and appropriate thing to do is to keep these people in mind as well as yourself.

At Utah Fence Warehouse, our fencing contractors have years of experience with these precise kinds of issues, whether you’re considering a wood fence, vinyl fence or one of our numerous other quality material options. Let’s go over some basic elements of neighborly conduct and etiquette when it comes to installing a new fence.

neighborly etiquette installing new fence

Basic Conversation

For starters, it’s always nice to simply have a conversation with any neighbors who will be impacted by the installation of your fence. This is a basic common courtesy, but also an area that can save you some legal trouble down the line if you happen to have a neighbor who chooses to dispute your fence at a later point.

In many cases, property owners find that their neighbor has no issue with a fence installation. Some neighbors are even overtly supportive of the idea and may even contribute to the effort in some small way, though you shouldn’t go in expecting this outcome.

Property Line Definitions

Often included in your conversation with neighbors will be the presence of boundary and property lines, which must be followed during a fence installation. If you do not have a recent boundary survey or house plat diagram that maps out the land, it’s possible one of your neighbors does.

If no one does, you can usually get this document for free from the county records office. If needed, there are also many land surveyors who can complete this job quickly and for a low cost – such professionals will also often assist you by placing stakes along the boundaries so everyone knows where the fence will go ahead of time.

Finished Side Placement

If you’re installing a fence type that has a smoother, more polished side, such as certain privacy fence options, the proper etiquette standard here is to point the finished side toward your neighbor. Not only is this the right thing to do from a personal standpoint, it will actually make your property look cleaner and smoother as the “nice” side faces outward rather than inward.

Future Maintenance

Finally, the last major piece of etiquette here comes after the fence is installed: You should regularly maintain and repair the fence as needed, particularly in any areas that face your neighbors or affect them. Fences can impact everything from property aesthetics to property values, so ensure you have the time and skills needed to maintain yours – or speak to our pros about assisting you here.

For more on observing proper neighborly etiquette when installing a new fence, or to learn about any of our fence installation or repair services, speak to the staff at Utah Fence Warehouse today.