Busting Myths Surrounding Wrought Iron Fencing

At Utah Fence Warehouse, one of our top points of pride as your local fence contractor is the versatility in materials we work with. We offer fence supplies in a variety of different material types, from popular options like wood and vinyl fences to others like chain link and ornamental aluminum.

Another of our fence materials is wrought iron, which serves as both a decorative and practical fencing option for many home and business owners. Iron fencing is one of the oldest materials out there, and unfortunately this means a few myths have developed about it over the years – in today’s blog we’ll set the record straight on several of these misconceptions and tell you all about why an iron fence might be your best choice moving forward.

myths wrought iron fencing

Too Much Work

First and foremost, some assume that wrought iron fencing will require constant attention and maintenance. This simply isn’t true – wrought iron fences do require limited annual maintenance, just like many other fencing materials, but that’s just about it.

Iron is an extremely durable material, one that can stand up to the daily rigors of home life without wearing down. It holds up well against snow, ice, wind, rain and other weather concerns, and requires no more attention or work than any other standard fencing material.

Rust Concerns

Another common concern we hear raised regarding our iron fences is corrosion protection. This is a fair concern – those who know their metals know that iron can be prone to rusting.

However, modern iron fencing materials carry no such risks. This is because they are specially powder-coated at the factory while they’re being manufactured, and this coating is designed specifically to help them resist any corrosion risks that may be present. You do not have to worry about purchasing a wrought iron fence and dealing with major rusting concerns the second it begins to rain, as your surfaces will be protected.

Too Expensive

Some worry that either installation or repairs on wrought iron fences will be too expensive, but again, this isn’t true. Iron fences allow for rails to be unscrewed and replaced in rare cases where they are damaged, meaning repairs are actually relatively affordable compared to other fence types.

Difficult Installation or Maintenance

Part of the reason some seem to think installation is expensive is because they’re also under the mistaken impression that it’s a difficult process. This could not be further from the case: Wrought iron fencing is light and easy to work with, with no requirement for any kind of welding, hammering or similar processes. Down similar lines, any minor repairs or maintenance areas that do crop up are easy to handle and will not run a major cost.

For more on busting myths regarding wrought iron fencing materials, or to learn about any of our fencing supplies or fencing contractor services, speak to the staff at Utah Fence Warehouse today.