Want to Keep Out Wildlife? Get a Fence!

A fence that could keep out wildlife would be a great help for your landscaping and gardening.

In Utah, we have to deal with extreme weather in both summer and winter, but that’s not the only threat you have to guard against. If local wildlife frequently invades your property, you may be ready to install a system that keeps them in the wild where they belong.


Your Top Threat: Deer

If you had to name the biggest nuisance and your strongest motivation for building a fence to keep out wildlife, what would you say? If you’re like many Utah homeowners, the answer would be deer. Deer are plentiful in the region and always on the lookout for a snack — namely, your garden.

To keep out deer, you have to be proactive and build a fence specifically to combat their wily ways.

Conceal Food Sources

If animals know there is food behind a barrier, they will work extra hard to overcome the obstacles in their way. If you’re planning to build a fence to keep out wildlife, make sure it’s a privacy fence. If deer and other animals can’t see inside, they won’t know what your garden and landscaping has to offer.

Deter Based on Deer’s Natural Tendencies

For deer specifically, your fence has to give the impression that it’s too difficult to jump over. Deer are able to clear fences 8 to 10 feet high, but if it looks like they won’t have a large area to land, they will forego the challenge.

You can also construct your fence to slant outward. This makes it look a lot taller than it is.

Dig it Deep

Did you know it’s possible for deer to burrow under fences? Make sure you put your fence deep in the ground and build it higher than you may initially think necessary. A fence that’s deeper in the ground will also keep out rabbits, possums, cats and other pests that have been wreaking havoc in your garden.

Make Sure it’s Up to Code

When you’re building a fence to keep out wildlife, make sure you check your local building code beforehand. Many cities and towns have regulations about fences from being built above a certain height.

Also, your homeowner’s association might have restrictions as well, not just on height, but on material and color. Before you invest your time, money and energy in a new fence, ensure your fencing plans are legal.

Utah Fence Warehouse has affordable, quality materials to help your new fence accomplish your main goal: to keep out wildlife. We also have plenty of design and installation tips to guide you along the way. Call us today or visit our showroom!