Telltale Signs It’s Time to Install a New Deck, Part 1

At Utah Fence Warehouse, while we pride ourselves primarily as fence supplier and contractor specialist, we also provide comprehensive services in the related field of decks and railings. Whether you just require top-quality materials for your own DIY installation or you desire a full-service experience where we install a new deck system for you, our team is on hand to assist you.

In many cases, some of our clients come to us unsure of whether they really need a new deck on their property given their current deck’s quality. While the answer here will depend in part on your specific preferences, this two-part blog will dig into several common signs that your deck is wearing down and requires a modern replacement using our materials and expertise.

signs install new deck

Shaking Railings

Have you begun to notice that the railings on your deck shake and rattle when you grab onto them, or even when you simply walk onto the deck? This is often a sign that railing posts attached by nails are coming loose – while it’s possible to tighten these and get some temporary relief, the problem won’t be solved entirely unless you re-install the railing using carriage bolts with washers and nuts for fastening.

And in the meantime, shaking railings are a significant safety hazard. This is especially true if you have young children, and it’s an issue that should be addressed quickly – often through replacement.

Rotting Posts

If you have an older deck, it may have been built with its posts resting directly on footings. This leads to the posts directly soaking up water during rain or other moisture periods, and they will often begin to rot – especially if they’re made of non-pressure-treated wood, which many older decks still are. This will decrease the posts’ strength and eventually cause them to collapse under the weight of the deck.

Luckily, newer decks are built using concrete footings above the ground, plus a special bracket to keep the post dry. This will prevent these concerns moving forward.

Weak Post Connections

Speaking of posts, they’re often secured only with standard nails on older decks. This may work for a bit, but over time nails will wear down and could lead to the entire deck collapsing. Our new deck options include posts that sit under the beam or rim joist, rather than being fastened to them.

Insecure Ledger Boards

Ledger boards are vital to any deck, helping hold up the side of the deck that’s fastened to the home itself. If this fastening was done incorrectly or is wearing down, however, the deck can lose its connection to the home. If you’ve begun to notice wear issues in this area, plan for a replacement in the near future.

For more on signs that you might need a new deck for your home, or to learn about any of our wood, vinyl or other fencing materials, speak to the staff at Utah Fence Warehouse today.