Invisible vs. Pet-Friendly Fence for Your Dog: Which Is Better?

21 Feb 2018

Pet Fence for Dogs A pet-friendly fence is a fence that works at keeping your dog contained. An invisible fence may be adequate for your needs, but this type of fence might no ...

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Staining a Wood Fence: The Why, When and How

23 Jan 2018

staining a wood fence Staining a wood fence might seem like a huge project, but when you do the research on the why, when and how, you’ll be ready to take on this next DIY project as soon as the wee ...

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Common Fencing Regulations 

11 Jan 2018

Common Fencing Regulations Know your local fencing regulations before you plan your installation. It’s better to find out in advance what rules and laws govern the scope of your project, rather ...

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Want to Keep Out Wildlife? Get a Fence!

08 Dec 2017

Wildlife A fence that could keep out wildlife would be a great help for your landscaping and gardening. In Utah, we have to deal with extreme weather in both summe ...

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