Choosing the Best Type of Front-Yard Fence

30 Aug 2017

Choosing the Best Type of Front-Yard Fence A front-yard fence can make your home stand out, but you want to choose the right one. It can change the look of your home! What should you consider when weighing your front-yard fencing option ...

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6 of the Most Common Fencing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

02 Aug 2017

Fencing mistakes can derail your progress and cause endless frustration, not to mention lost time and wasted money. Read More

How to Choose the Right Vinyl Fence Color 

31 Jul 2017

Choose the Right Vinyl Fence Color Vinyl fence color affects the look of your home’s exterior. Before you opt for traditional white (even though that’s a top-notch choice), make sure you consider all your opt ...

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Maintain Neighborly Relationships with Good Fence Etiquette

12 Jul 2017

Avoid squabbles with your neighbor: practice good fence etiquette. There are plenty of interesting dynamics between people who share property lines — sometimes you like your neighbors and sometimes you don’t. But you can help prevent disagree ...

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Ornamental Aluminum Fencing: It’s Good for Both Home and Business

19 Jun 2017

ornamental aluminum fence Ornamental aluminum fencing looks great at home and in front of your business. It’s classy, sophisticated and above all else, it’s practical. What a winning combi ...

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